Life Hack # 1

Ma distreaza intotdeauna sa vad post-uri de genul life hack, stiti de care vorbesc, cum sa-ti faci un primus pentru camping dintr-o doza de bere si spirt, cum sa-ti faci un suport de incarcator pentru telefon dintr-o sticla goala de lotiune de corp, etc. Stiti la ce ma refer. Al meu nu e un life hack complicat, dar m-am gandit sa vi-l spun si voua.

I always really enjoy seeing posts or articles that include life hacks, like how to make a little gas cooker with a beer can and some alcohol, or a phone charger holder with a body lotion bottle. You know what I’m talking about. Well, I have a really simple idea for bicycle owners, and I thought hey, no harm in sharing. 

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