NOTD bunnies

IMG_1842 IMG_1843

Simplu de facut, cu putina dexteritate si cu o pensula speciala pentru unghii. Mie mi-a placut combinatia asta de culori, dar va puteti juca oricum cu ele, pe fundal ar merge foarte bine si o baza mai inchisa, tomnatica. Plus ca ar arata mult mai bine pe unghii mai mari, ati avea loc de mai multe mustati, mie nu mi-au iesit foarte bine.

Easy to do bunnies nails, all you need is a special nail brush and some dexterity. Personally, I liked this cheerful, summery colour combo, but you can try anything, I think even with a more dark, autumny burgundy base, it would still look cute and awesome. Also, if you have longer nails, there’s more maneuver space. 

Spor la pictat!

Goodluck at  bunnifying your nails!


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