Life Hack # 1

Ma distreaza intotdeauna sa vad post-uri de genul life hack, stiti de care vorbesc, cum sa-ti faci un primus pentru camping dintr-o doza de bere si spirt, cum sa-ti faci un suport de incarcator pentru telefon dintr-o sticla goala de lotiune de corp, etc. Stiti la ce ma refer. Al meu nu e un life hack complicat, dar m-am gandit sa vi-l spun si voua.

I always really enjoy seeing posts or articles that include life hacks, like how to make a little gas cooker with a beer can and some alcohol, or a phone charger holder with a body lotion bottle. You know what I’m talking about. Well, I have a really simple idea for bicycle owners, and I thought hey, no harm in sharing. 

Deci, se ia o bucata bicicleta si o bucata posesor de bicicleta care se simte rusinat cand se duce cu dansa la service si i se atrage atentia ca nu o ingrijeste corespunzator. In speta, ca lantul e jegos si plin de noroi si alte mazgi (plural de la mazga).

Posesorul e sfatuit sa spele lantul cu apa si cu o perie speciala (care din pacate, costa putin peste 30 de lei la shop si nu are chef sa dea bani pe ceva ce arata ca o perie schnazy pe care o arunci dupa o folosire) si sa dea cu putin spray dupa. Asa ca se gandeste cu ce poate inlocui peria, ceva care sa aiba perii la fel de lungi si subtiri ca sa poata ajunge in zone mai dificile.

So, we have one bicycle and one bicycle owner who is very embarrassed after going to the bike shop to fix the brakes and being nagged about the poorly state the chain is in. 

The bike owner is advised to wash the chain with some water and a professional brush and then apply some oil. Now the brush is kinda expensive, depending on where he buys it it might not be, but if it it needs it quickly, then the bike shops tend to blow up the prices. An he doesn’t want to pay a fairly big amount for a brush that he’s gonna only use once and then throw away. So he needs a cheap brush, with long and thin bristles to reach the more difficult areas. 


Asa arata periile profesionale, pretul variaza de la producator la producator, dar de regula, in magazinele specializate, pretul  e umflat:

This is how a professional brush looks like: 


Si cu asta a inlocuit-o posesorul de bicicleta, rusinat si ofticat (adica eu):

And this is what the embarrassed bike owner (aka me) used instead:


Voila, un set de perii pentru vopsit parul, in jur de 5-7 lei tot setul, perfecte pentru curatat lantul, se smotocesc repede ( la fel ca peria profesionala) dar sunt ieftine si nu te doare sufletul sa le arunci dupa.

Si in final va las sa va clatiti ochii cu niste biciclete tzais:

Yup, a hair dye brush set. Really cheap, you get three brushes, and have no remorse in just throwing them away afterwards. 

Here’s some bike drool and don’t forget, a clean bike is a happy bike …( sigh) :

wabi_jellybeanbike1 Bike-7-Type-Bike


surse foto:

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