NOTD bunnies

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Simplu de facut, cu putina dexteritate si cu o pensula speciala pentru unghii. Mie mi-a placut combinatia asta de culori, dar va puteti juca oricum cu ele, pe fundal ar merge foarte bine si o baza mai inchisa, tomnatica. Plus ca ar arata mult mai bine pe unghii mai mari, ati avea loc de mai multe mustati, mie nu mi-au iesit foarte bine.

Easy to do bunnies nails, all you need is a special nail brush and some dexterity. Personally, I liked this cheerful, summery colour combo, but you can try anything, I think even with a more dark, autumny burgundy base, it would still look cute and awesome. Also, if you have longer nails, there’s more maneuver space. 

Spor la pictat!

Goodluck at  bunnifying your nails!

Haul Cosmetica Verde / natural products Haul


Am citit recent pe un blog, pe care l-am cautat acum dar nu mai stiu care e, ca sunt reduceri pe cosmetica verde, asa ca m-am aruncat si eu asupra bunatatilor naturale.

I recently read on a nother fellow bloggers’s page that had a big sale and I said Ahoy, I shall check that, ye matey. I don’t know why I did the pirate thing….

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Life Hack # 1

Ma distreaza intotdeauna sa vad post-uri de genul life hack, stiti de care vorbesc, cum sa-ti faci un primus pentru camping dintr-o doza de bere si spirt, cum sa-ti faci un suport de incarcator pentru telefon dintr-o sticla goala de lotiune de corp, etc. Stiti la ce ma refer. Al meu nu e un life hack complicat, dar m-am gandit sa vi-l spun si voua.

I always really enjoy seeing posts or articles that include life hacks, like how to make a little gas cooker with a beer can and some alcohol, or a phone charger holder with a body lotion bottle. You know what I’m talking about. Well, I have a really simple idea for bicycle owners, and I thought hey, no harm in sharing. 

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