RT brushes haul and two delicious lipbalms / Pensule RT si Sierra Bees balsam de buze


M-am cadorisit singura luna trecuta cu setul RT Core Collection, luat de pe www.petiteprovence.ro, unde am mai jinduit la o groaza de alte lucruri, spunuri de alepp, bb creams, si multe alte chestii naturale. Si daca tot vorbim de asta, a folosit cineva buretele Konjac de la Eco Tools? 

Pensulele sunt exact cum ma asteptam, calitate foarte buna, imi place si husa care e si pe post de suport, atata doar ca ies pensulele mai greu asa, elasticele sunt foarte stranse. Mai am pe wishlist inca 3,4 seturi/pensule RT si incetul cu incetul… se aduna ele.

Last month I bought myself a present, with no apparent reason, other than I neeeed this… RT Core Collection brushes, from www.petiteprovence.ro, a really cute store, full of natural products. Which brings me to the question, did any of you use the EcoTools konjac sponge

Anyways, the brushes are really good quality, as expected, i like the case because it is also a stand, but the elastics that hold them are a bit to tight and it’s harder to pull them out. Anyways, love them, want some more…


Imi place foarte mult pensula de contour, mai am una similara de la Elf, dar cea de la RT e mult mai moale, si in general mi se pare ca pensulele RT parca distribuie produsul de pe ele untr-un mod mult mai uniform.

Si pentru ca nu poti niciodata sa ai prea multe balsamuri de buze ( chiar daca ai vreo 40) , am luat si doua de la Sierra Bees, unul cu rodie si unul cu menta, sunt foarte hidratante, cel cu menta a fost magnific mai ales pentru vara, Vara, tot ce e cu menta, e dumnezeiesc.

I really like the contour brush, I have a similar one from Elf, but the RT one is a lot softer, and I don’t know, i think RT brushes just distribute the product a lot more easier, and flawless like. 

Aaaand…because you can never have too many lipbalms (even if you have forty), I got two Sierra Bees lipblms, pomegranate and peppermint, really good, hydrating, cool stuff. I especially loved the mint one in the summer, because minty things are my new religion in the summer. 


What did you buy lately, and do tell me about the konjac sponge. Any good? 

Voi ce ati mai cumparat in ultima vreme, si ce ziceti de buretele konjac, e bun de ceva?



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