Lotiune micelara Byphasse / Byphasse Micellar water – Review


Acum ca lotiunea micelara Byphasse e pe terminate, m-am gandit sa-i fac si ei un review. Am luat-o de la Auchan, costa cam 23 de lei. Gramajul e destul de mare : 500 ml, m-a tinut si aceasta cateva luni bune, in conditiile in care am folosit-o zilnic. In general am folosit-o doar pentru machiajul ochilor, aplicata pe dischete demachiante. S-a comportat foarte bine, daca aveam rabdare si o tineam cateva secunde pe pleoape indeparta cam 80% din rimel si tot fardul de pe ochi. In rest, foarte putin mai trebuia insistat.

Capacul, va pun si o poza cu el, era destul de larg, scapam foarte mult daca nu eram atenta, si un alt minus ar fi ca se prelingea produs pe langa el.

Nu am avut probleme de sensibilitate a ochilor, doar daca puneam foarte mult produs pe dischete si mi se scurgea o tona in ochi incepea sa ma usture putin. Pe piele cat am folosit-o  s-a comportat exemplar. Nu am avut iritatii de la ea, e intr-adevar putin mai lipicioasa decat preferata mea Bioderma ABCDerm, dar oricum mult mai light decat cea de la Ivatherm care era foarte lipicioasa dupa, si nu-mi placea deloc, imi simteam pielea imbacsita dupa ea. Cea de la Byphasse are un miros deloc opulent, proaspat si subtil.

Daca vreti o lotiune micelara la un gramaj mai mare si nu va surade Bioderma, la un pret bun si calitate, va recomand sa o incercati pe cea de la Byphasse.

V-am lasat si o poza cu ingrediente pentru cine se pricepe.

Urmatoarea micelara la review va fi cea de la Elmiplant pe care o folosesc acum.

 Woo hoo, almost finished another micellar water. I got this Byphasse micellar water from the supermarket, it was about 5 dollars, it’a pretty big quantity, 500 ml, and it lasted a really long time. A couple of good months in which I used it daily on 2 or even 3 cotton pads a day to remove mainly my eye makeup. It works really good, if I was patient enough to hold it on my eyelids for a couple of seconds it removed like 80% of the eye makeup, and I just basically had to work a little bit more to remove the mascara on the lower lids. 

The tube was not very economical, a lot of product came out and I sometimes dropped a ton on the cotton pad because of this, wasted a bit more product than I would have with a more narrow pump. It did not irritate my skin, or my eyes, unless, like said, i went overboard and soaked the cotton pads, in which case my eyes would sting a bit. It was a bit stickier than my favorite, the Bioderma ABC Derm, but a lot lighter than another micellar water I’ve used, the Ivatherm one which was just annoying and made my face feel really sticky and disgusting. 

It has a light, subtle, fresh smell. 

I included a picture with the ingredients, for all of you that know what they stand for. 

I recommend this micellar water if you think Bioderma is too expensive for you or you just want a good quality and decently priced makeup remover .

The next micellar water review I’ll do on Elmiplant, which is the brand I use at this moment. 







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