AVON extra lasting cream eyeshadow + bits and bobs


Am primit in sfarsit fardurile de ochi cremoase, Extra lasting, de la Avon. Cand le-am vazut in catalog m-am gandit imediat la Maybelline Color Tattoo. Am observat ca si Avon si Oriflame si Bourjois si alte branduri au muscat toate din marul asta dupa ce Maybelline a avut succes cu colectia initiala.

Dar ideea e ca nu sunt dupes.

Color Tattoo sunt cremoase si dupa ce le aplici, se strang in pliuri uneori, dar sunt mai pigmentate. Cele de la Avon au o textura crema – pudra, odata aplicate nu le mai misti de acolo decat cu apa micelara, si rezista, din experienta personala, cel putin 10,11 ore. Dar nu sunt la fel de pigmentate. Depinde ce asteptari aveti: durata sau pigmentare. Culorile sunt dragute insa, dar nu o sa mai iau si alte nuante, pe motiv ca daca vreau un turcoaz cremos, mai bine-l iau pe cel de la Maybelline, chiar daca rezista mai putin. Cele de la Avon le recomand pentru un machiaj discret, pentru cineva care nu vrea sa iasa in evidenta cu machiajul ochilor foarte mult.

Yeeey – i finally got the Extra lasting cream eyeshadows from Avon. The moment I saw these in the catalogue I instantly though these are Maybelline Tattoo dupes. I mean, everyone makes dupes now after those. But they are not.

They are not cream eyeshadows, like Maybelline. These are cream to powder, while the Color Tattoos are simply cream all the way. These Avon ones are not so pigmented, but last longer. From what I’ve tested, more than 10,11 hours, which is nice. So we’ve got ups and downs. I like them , I only got three colors, I wouldn’t get more, because these will last a while, also because the other colors, especially the turquoise, are supposed to be really vibrant, and I somehow doubt they will. For pigmentation and vibrant colors, stick to Maybelline, for extra lasting power, get these. 







Am luat inca doua lacuri de unghii ( cred ca am destule de la Avon deocamdata): Mandarin Magic (pe care il am si acum pe unghii, e o saptaman deja, si rezista foarte bine), si Seduce me Strawberry. 


Also, I got two more nailpolishes ( I know, I’m really building an Avon collection here, right? ) : Mandarin Magic (on my nails already, juicy finish, lasts already for a week) and Seduce me Strawberry. 

IMG_0281 IMG_0280


Ultimul lucru: am primit un demo product, Scent Essence Sparkly Citrus – e una din apele de toaleta ce se vor lansa in perioada urmatoare. Primul lucru la care m-am gandit cand l-am aplicat a fost: Yves Rocher Verveine Eau de Cologne, care sta aruncata printr-un coltisor al cutiei cu parfumuri. Miros exact la fel, dar cel de la Avon tine mult mai putin, in timp ce YR pana la 6 ore.

Last thing, a little demo product: the Scent Essence in Sparkly Citrus – whiiiich, brace yourselves, smells exactly like the Yves Rocher Verveine Eau de Cologne, except the YR one last longer, whereas this is gone in 2 hours. At least on me. 

IMG_0299 IMG_0295


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