Avon Haul C8


Ultima scapare cu Avon m-a lasat cu patru lacuri de unghii, un ruj si un serum care nu e ce credeam eu. Am ales trei nuante mai de vara si  Celestial Blue care e mai trista, dar are sclipici, si daca estem sclipici, totul e bine, nu? Un lac pe care l-am asteptat cu sufletul la gura a fost Habanero it girl, care are o nuanta foarte draguta, laptoasa, in sticla, si nu am nimic de genul asta in colectie.

In my latest Avon slip, I got four nail polishes, one matte lipstick which I’ve been waiting for but was not available till now, and a Solutions serum which was not what I expected. I was most excited about the Habanero nail polish, since it’s such a gorgeous, milky, mangoey, color in the bottle. The cup in the back is just my coffee mug, apparently it really wanted in the photo. 



Lacurile de unghii de la Avon sunt de calitate, de cele mai multe ori. Aici cred ca depinde si de culoare. Paprika Pumps a inceput sa se cojeasca dupa doar 3.4 zile, fara top coat, doar 2 straturi aplicate, in timp ce Habanero a tinut vreo saptamana si ceva. Arata insa putin dubios, depinde de lumina, parca nefinisat, asa ca recomand trei straturi.

The nail polishes are really cute, I got three summery colors, more vibrant and one serious one, Celestial Blue, which has some glitter in it. I’ve only tried Habanero it girl and Paprika Pumps so far. Paprika Pumps did not hold on as much, but it was a smooth, even color, while Habanero looks weird and dirty in some lighting, but three layers should take care of that. 

IMG_0133  IMG_0132

IMG_0127 IMG_0229


Rujul face parte din colectia de rujuri mate, nuanta Peach, o asteptam de mult.

The lipstick is from the matte ones, the Peach shade, and it’s a really nice colour.



Serumul credeam ca o sa fie un gel iluminant sau revitalizant sau ceva. E de fapt o masca – serum, o aplcii 5 minute dupa care o clatesti si ar tebui sa exfolieze si sa iti faca pielea extrem de luminoasa. Vom vedea…

The serum is called 5 minute radiant something something and I thought it was going to be a nice serum that makes your skin feel refreshed and illuminated, but it’s actually sort of a mask, you apply it for 5 minutes and then rinse it off. Oh well…



De lacuri si ruj sunt chiar multumita, comanda urmatoare va fi cu noile farduri cremoase, Maybelline dupes, nu m-am putut abtine si am luat vreo 3.

I’m quite satisfied with the nail polishes, and the lipstick too, next order we’ll be looking at the new creamy shadows which are ,obviously, Maybelline dupes, but I couldn’t restrain myself. 


Toodles !


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