Avon Haul C6 sau/or 7 (i’m forgetful)


Cica Avon gel impotriva celulitei – nu stiu de ce tot bag botul la chestiile astea :)) Dar fiind reprezentant, puteam sa o iau ca demo si am zis why not. Miroase dragut, se intinde bine, intra in piele relativ repede, e o lotiune de corp ok, dar nu fiti naivi ca mine 😛

Avon Cellu Break 5D – uuuu, well if it’s 5D, it’s gotta do something. These names they find for their products are hilarious. I don’t knwo why I am such a sucker for these things, I mean I know they do nothing, but hey, I got discount and I get demo products so I’m an utter sucker. It smells pretty, it sinks relatively fasts, so yeah, it’s a good lotion. But don’t get your hopes up 😉

Anew Vitale gel cleanser – gama asta e chiar draguta, crema a fost bunicica, si mie imi place sa hoardui cleansere, asa ca am mai adaugat unul la colectie.

Anew Vitale gel cleanser – I tried the moisturizer Anew Vitale, and it was nice, it was nothing special, but it was ok. Plus I like to hoard cleansers. And soaps. And soaps that act like cleansers. Yes, i know ….

Unghiera – mai mult pentru ca era albastra, nu ca aveam nevoie neaparat, dar e foarte buna si mare, imi place.

Nail clippers – yeeees, i know, exciting times, right? :)) it was blue and it’s pretty big and works great, and I like it.

Ustensila de calcaie – sau cum le spun eu razatoare de picioare, pe o parte razatoarea pe o parte stratul de ponce, polish. E buna, rade tot, iti face calcaiele tzutz.

Heel tool – or how I call it, a heel grater. One side grater, one side ponce/polish. It’s useful, it leaves your heels feeling great, and slimmer, and clean, and pretty. 

IMG_9676 IMG_9677

 Anew Reversalist Eye Cream – Ma tot tenteaza creme de ochi de la o vreme. Am terminat una recent, pe care o sa o vedeti in urmatorul Empties, si mai am putin din cea de la Cosmetic Plant si cea cu ceai verde si q10. Cea de la Avon m-a bagat in dubii pentru ca, ori am eu orbul gainii, ori nu scria niciunde ca e dubla. Presupun ca partea de sub capac, mai solida, e pentru iluminare, pentru zi, iar crema in sine pentru noapte? Stie careva?

Anew Reversalist Eye Cream – I’m on the lookout for a good eye cream lately. Or ten :P. I have 2 that are almost finished and bought this one on sale, but i swear i see nothing about it being a 2 in 1 product. I might be blind though. I’m gonna go ahead and presume that the solid part is for day and illuminating and the gel one for night and hydrating. I think.




Avon Luxe e o gama chiar buna pentru Avon. Oricate prostioare mi-as lua eu de la ei, rujuri si farduri, trebuie sa recunosc ca nu toate produsele lor se si merita. Dar gama asta m-a surprins. Fondul de ten il folosesc aproape zilnic, e iluminant, hidratant, se intinde bine, iar singurul ruj pe care-l am din gama e foarte cremos si are o nuanta superba.

Avon Luxe are actually really nice products. Generally I believe the eyeshadows and powder and blushes and lipsticks and all (with some exceptions) are medium quality, but this one really raises the bar. The foundation is really light, hydrating, illuminating, I use it almost every day, and it reminds me a lot of Revlon Nearly Naked. And the lipstick is hydrating and smooth and has a gorgeous color. 

Bronzerul nu m-a dezamagit nici el. Imi place ambalajul, pudra in sine nu e prafoasa, se aplica usor, arata foarte frumos. Se vad si in poza cateva din particulele aurii.

The Bronzer did not fail me either. I like the packaging, the powder is creamy and it looks natural and nice and you can see a bit of the golden speckles in it in the picture i hope. GG, Avon Luxe.

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