Empties #4

S-a strans o cutie enorma de produse terminate in baie si trebuie sa le arunc. Cred ca le strang de vreo 3 luni si pur si simplu nu mi-am putut face chef de postarea asta pana acum.

I have got a ton of empties to show you. I think I’ll do it in 2 posts cuz this be insane. I have been hoarding them for at least 3 months, if not more and they just got to go now.


Montagne Jeunessse masca de fata cu ulei de masline si unt de shea  – m-a enervat la culme ambalajul. Vreau sa stiu si eu cine isi pune atat de mult produs pe fata la o singura utilizare… Am aplicat cat era necesar, dupa care mi-am dat seama ca e o masca cu argila, nici nu cred ca scria argila pe ambalaj, si s-ar fi uscat sigur. Asa ca am pus-o pe toata pe fata, dupa care am frecat vreo 15 minute sa o dau jos. E o masca foarte buna, mi-a placut la nebunie mirosul si consistenta si tot. Dar, pe bune. Ori il impart ambalajul ala in 2 bucati, ambele sigilate, ori scriu mare “A se folosi cu o prietena sau cu un prieten”. Altfel irosesti produs aiurea.

Montagne Jeunesse Virgin Olive ad shea butter  face mask – i liked this but 1. do not put this much product in a one time use packet. Or at least write on the package a Do not use when alone. If I’d had my mom at home, it would’ve been easier, I would’ve given her half of the green goo. So I layered this green olive virgin oily fabulous mask on and then realized that there’s half left and if I leave it it’s gonna dry up because it’s a clay mask, which again, I did not realize from the package. So I ended up layering it all on my face that now weighed 2 pounds extra and then spent 15 minutes removing the thing. Was it worth it? Yes and no. No because of crappy package. Yes because it’s a nice mask, it smells like olive oil and herbal fresh things but like with a musky scent too, it smells ooooh, amazing, and I love clay masks and it left my face feeling soft and nice, also because of the extra exfoliation it got from me trying to remove the mask for 15 minutes.

Avon Winter Cocoon vanilla and sandalwood gel de dus – nimic special, obisnuitele gelurile de dus de la Avon, cu un miros de vanilie si nuci, as zice eu.

Avon Winter Cocoon shower gel vanilla and sandalwood – nothing out of the ordinary, just the regular Avon shower gels, with a nice vanilla nutty smell.

Avon Solutions liquid bra lifting gel – gel lifting pentru bust – un gel rozaliu, foarte lipicios, care se usca foarte repede si iti strange piele atat de tare incat ai impresia ca e lifting . 🙂 Voila efectul push-up…Avon, you funny…

Avon Solutions liquid bra lifting gel – this is a gel like thing that is supposed to strengthen up the ladies. Make the skin around firmer, and have a push up bra effect. The only thing it does is be rally sticky, drying, and that is the catch: the gel dries up really fast, and holds the skin in place, thus creating a so called push up effect. Yeah…


L’oreal Elseve NutriGloss Cristal sampon – un sampon foarte bun, hidratant, lasa parul stralucitor, matasos, curat. Miroase bine, face spuma, e ok ca pret.

L’oreal Elseve NutriGloss Cristal shampoo – the pink one that seemd to have glitter in it, that’s how I call it. This was a nice, hydrating, glossy, shampoo. It made my hair look and feel great, it smelled nice, it lathered up pretty good.

Herbal Essences Profound Hydration – coconut and orchid – un alt sampon bun. L-am luat vara trecuta din Grecia, pentru mine e  un miros varatic de asemenea, a cocos si flori. Hidrateaza, curata, mirosul persista cateva ore in par, la mine cel putin. Pacat ca la noi nu am mai prea vazut produse Herbal Essences.

Herbal Essences Profound Hydration – coconut and orchid – floral coconuty smell  – this is a summery shampoo, I got it from Greece last summer, but that’s not why, it’s just the tropical smell. Ok, and nostalgia. I liked it a lot, it hydrates, cleans, and the smell stays on for a while. 

Balea Glanz Tonic – Ceva spray pentru stralucire. L-am luat din Ungaria, asa ca nu inteleg o iota din ce scrie pe spate. Il arunc aproape plin pentru ca nu-mi dau seama ce sa mai fac cu el. L-am aplciat pe par umed, uscat, de la departare, de aproape, putin, mult. Efectul e acelasi, iti face parul unsuros si imbacsit. Nici de mirosit nu miroase bine, si cica e cu piersici. 😦

Balea Glanz Tonic – I don’t know how to call this in English. It’s like a spray that will make dull hair look glossy and full of life. Or not. This is still almost full but I’ve had it. I sprayed it on wet hair, on dry hair, it has the same effect: greasy, lardy hair. It looks horrible. It doesn’t even smell so good, and it has peaches on it. Disappointing.


Balsam de par Hofigal cu Q10 – Nu mi-a placut consistenta, miroase a deodorant de barbati si mi-a incalcit parul ceva de groaza.

Hofigal conditioner with Q10 – this didn’t lather up in any extraordinary way, it smelled like generic men deodorant, and it tangled my hair more than without any conditioner.

Bioderma Apa Micelara ABC Derm H2O – review pe larg aici.

Bioderma ABC Derm H2O Micellar Water – review here


Cien Asia gel de dus – Inspiration – Am tot vazut ca lumea apreciaza gelurile de dus de la Cien ceva de speriat. Pe mine nu m-a prea incantat. Mirosul era ok, dar foarte slab, si nimic deosebit. Si nu face foarte mult spuma. Iar mie imi place spuma 😦

Cien Asia Shower Cream Inspiration– people have being going woohooo over these online. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. It didn’t lather that nice, the smell was ok, floraly, rice paddy like smell, but not enough to last more than after rinsing. I wasn’t impressed.

Avon Skin So Soft lotiune de corp pentru fermitate – nu, nu e o lotiune care omoara celulita, nici in domeniul fermitatii nu face nimic. Mi-a palcut mirosul, am mai avut-o, si eram nostalgica. Si atat. E hidratanta dar nu intra in piele rapid.

Avon Skin So Soft Firming Body Lotion – first of all, this did not remove cellulite, did not do any firming. I got it because I had this before and I sort of liked the smell, it was hydrating, but it did not sink in that quickly. It’s a 50-50 really.

Nivea Stress Protect deodorant – tot primesc mostre de la diferite comenzi, am folosti vreo 5 deja. Cel din imagine nu prea face nimic. Il simti vreo 2 ore, dupa care se transforma si se amesteca (:P) si incepe sa emane un miros ciudat.Initial e fresh si miroase a citrice, cumva, dar nu rezista.

Nivea Stress Protect deodorant – I have like 5 of these , I keep getting them. The only one I liked was the powdery one. This stress protect one does nothing. It smells nice for 2 hours then it fails you. It mingles with other odorous scents and you’re pretty much screwed. It smells citrusy and fresh and like oranges ( I always think oranges when I smell it ) but no, does not work.


Apidermin Emulsie Antirid cu laptisor de matca – am urat produsul asta din toata inima. Initial am crezut ca e un demachiant, dar nu e. E o pasta alba, extrem de grasa si de lipicioasa. Instructiunile spun sa o intinzi pe toata fata, sa o masezi, apoi sa o dai jos cu dischete demachiante. Eu am zis initial ca o sa incerc doar cu apa. Mare greseala. M-am uns si pe maini, am uns tot prin baie, nici cu sapun nu am scapat de lipiciozenie si am revenit la dischete. Dar si cu dischete trebuie sa…cum sa zic, nu sa freci, ci sa folosesti o miscare asa foarte cuprinzatoare si rapida, ca altfel ramane si discheta impotmolita. Si senzatia de gras is lipicios oricum ramane si dupa. Trebuie toner, neaparat. Efecte nu am vazut, dar cred ca ar merge de minune pentru un ten foarte foarte uscat. Eu am luat-o pentru ca am un fetis cu laptisorul de matca si all things honey, dar nu m-a incantat. Asta nu inseamna ca nu e un produs bun. Si da, nu testeaza pe animale.

Apidermin royal jelly antiwrinkle  fluid – I hated this with a passion. I thought it was a cleanser, but it was not. It definetly, not in 1000 years, would not cleanse anything. It’s like a fluid that you slather on like a cleanser and rinse or scrape, in this case. It is the most sticky, greasy thing ever. I could not get it off my face or my hands with soap. It only worked with cotton pads or sand paper. It then leaves a really greasy feeling that you will try to take out with normal cleansers. And it does nothing, except leave you with a red face. I have went through the entire bottle because I wanted to see effects. There were none, but maybe i let my honey things fetish get in the way and bought the thing even if it wasn’t suited for me. I mean, I’m sure a really really parched, dry skin would really appreciate this more than I did. And, kudos to them , they do not test products on animals.

Avon Naturals lotiune de corp si maini glazed apple and walnut – Acum cativa ani cumparam lotiuni din gama Naturals in prostie. Si inca mai am cateva prin casa. Nu le mai aplic pe corp pentru ca a trecut ceva timp, dar ele sunt ok, nu si-au schimbat consistenta, miros la fel de …fake, sunt la fel de grase si de lipicioase. Asa ca se bucura talpile mele de ele.Ca sa ma invat sa mai comand orice pentru ca scrie miros delicios de piersici si iaurt pe produs…data viitoare ma duc si imi cumpar piersici direct.

Avon Glazed apple and walnut hand & body lotion – I used to buy these like crazy years ago. And I still have a lot of them left around the house. And I use them all on my feet. They’re not old or expired or anything, I just got over the idea of applying them on my body because they’re thick and heavy and have a fake scent and leave you sticky. Nuhuh. On the feet they go.

Gerovital serum Anticadere leave in – Nu  e un serum, dar e un spray, un spray care miroase foarte bine, pe care-l aplici pe parul umed si care, daca nu esti lenes si uituc, chair functioneaza. Eu il foloseam de 3,4 ori la rand, dupa care uitam de el inca o saptamana. Deci nu sunt un exeplu bun. DAr in alea 3,4 dati, chiar imi pica mai putin par la periaj. Si miroase fresh si masculin cumva, miros care ramane pe par mai mult timp. Si pompita e buna, si sticla ajunge pentru vreo luna de spalari.

Gerovital Anti hair fall spray leave in – This is one product I liked and will  get again. It applies on wet hair, it’s leave-in, it smells good, and it works. I suck at life an therefore didn’t use it constantly, but I would remember it and then use it for 3 or 4 days and in those 3 or 4 days my hair did not fall as much. I mean it.


Ciuleandra – crema de noapte – o crema foarte buna, am mai vorbit despre ea aici, un singur lucru am de adaugat, sa o folositi in maxim 3,4 luni. Ea nu expira, dar isi schimba putin culoarea daca o lasati foarte mult.

Ciuleandra – night cream – really nice product, hydrating, natural, nourishing but, seeing as it has lots of natural ingredients, use it in 3,4 months tops. It changes its color a bit, although it does not expire. 

Aslavital Mineral Activ – crema antirid mineralizanta cu SPF 15 – love, love, love. E o crema foarte buna, hidratanta, baza de machiaj excelenta, ca si efect antirid nu ma pronunt, nu am riduri pronuntate, dar folosesc genul asta de produse cu rol de prevenire si pentru a-mi tempera paranoia. Am mai vorbit si despre crema asta aici, sigur o sa o cumpar din nou la un moment dat.

Aslavital Mineral Activ – antiwrinkle SPF 15 mineralizing cream – love, love, love. I really liked this, it’s hydrating but not greasy, really good makeup base, lots of nice, natural ingredients.

Anew Vitale Day Cream SPF 25 – a fost o crema buna, dar fara nimic special. Are un miros proaspat, e light, dar destul de hidratanta, poate pentru tenuri mixte nu e intru totul recomandata, mai ales pentru zona T.

Anew Vitale Day Cream SPF 25 – this was a nice moisturizer, but not special. It smells fresh, floraly, it has a light texture, can be a little shiny though  for those with T zone issues.

Q4U Crema hidratanta cu aloe vera si acid hialuronic – am mai vorbit de ea aici. O crema buna pentru perioade mai friguroase. De cand a dat caldura am ignorat-o. Din nou, desi ea expira peste un an, spre sfarsit si-a schimbat putin culoarea si consistenta. Ca si la Ciuleandra, dar asta nu e un punct negativ. Inseamna ca au destule ingrediente naturale incat sa nu reziste ani si ani in baie, ceea ce e bine si pt piele.

Q4U Aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid moisturizer – This is a nice, natural, really cheap, moisturizer. But it’s good for autumn and winter. It sinks in, it’s hydrating, it has no particular smell, it has lots of nice, natural, ingredients. In the warmer seasons though it sort of lingers on your skin, and I don’t know, it’s like the pores reject it. Also, again, use in 3,4 months tops. Due to all those natural things in it, it too will change colour and texture after that period. 

 huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- that was a lot, and more yet to come. 

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