The Review – Trilogy

Am promis ca revin cu reviewuri, blogul asta incepe sa se transforme intr-un blog de “Ce mi-am mai cumparat”. Ca sa ma revansez, o sa vorbesc de 3 produse, nu doar de unul.

I promised to come back with some reviews, because there has been to much “I’ve bought this and that” on this blog. And probably more to follow, who am I kidding? 

IMG_9349 IMG_9350


Sampon Uscat Balea – Trend it up – e primul sampon uscat pe care l-am incercat vreodata. De regula ma spal zilnic pe par, podoaba mea capilara se ingrasa destul de repede, cam la 2,3 zile, dar mie imi place sa-l spal zilnic, mai ales primavara/vara. Pentru zilele in care nu apuc sa fac lucrul asta, am ales acest sampon uscat, gandindu-ma ca pentru par spalat ieri, nu trebuie sa munceasca atat de mult si sa-l faca sa arate mai fresh cumva.

Deci, a doua zi dupa spalare l-am pus in actiune. Daca aplicam de aproape, parul se facea alb si trebuia sa insist cu peria, degetele, prosopul destul de muuult ca sa nu se mai vada. Daca il aplicam de la 15,20 de cm, nu avea nici un efect. Buuuun, l-am aruncat in plasa cu empties/throwables de sub chiuveta si asta a fost.

Dupa care, mi-am spart rotula si am stat cu intreg piciorul in ghips 3 saptamani. Ceea ce iti limiteaza putin (putin mai fucking mult) mobilitatea si posibilitatea de a-ti spala parul intr-un mod confortabil. Asa ca nici varianta cu o data la doua zile nu mai functiona. Si parul meu s-a suparat. Am decis sa mai fac o incercare cu samponul uscat si, suprise surprise, functiona. La un par spalat acum 3,4,5 zile, chiar estompa luciul grasimos (stiu ca sunt foarte descriptiva acum, imi cer scuze), si daca-l prindeam in coada, arata chiar foarte ok.

Asa ca samponul uscat e o solutie pentru situatii de urgenta, dar nu l-as folosi in conditii normale, pentru ca nu are rost. Daca pot, mai bine ma spal pe par. Sunt sigura ca exista sampoane uscate mult mai calitative, de exemplu despre Batiste am tot citit, auzit, dar nu m-am grabit inca sa-l incerc.

Balea Trend it Up Dry Shampoo – This is the first ever dry shampoo I’ve tried. For many years now I’ve washed my hair on a daily basis, it’s my obsession, I don’t care about the myths. My hair does get greasy pretty soon, like 1 or 2 days, but I just like to keep it fresh. Sometimes, time just works against you. Or laziness. Depends. So I purchased this thinking, oh for that second day it’s something I might use, though 99 times out of 100 I just gave it a weird look and washed my hair. 

I did try it though. If I sprayed too close, it got freaking white and I know you’re supposed to massage and brush and repeat to 100, but it still looked like I just went 25 to 40 in 2 seconds. So no. If I sprayed from afar, nada effect. So I trashed it in the empties bin and forgot aaaal about it. 

That is till I broke my kneecap and had a full leg cast. And ladies, let me tell ya, you make compromises. There is no washing your hair daily. You’re lucky if there is a wash your hair weekly. I exaggerate, but between depression, pain and wallowing I couldn’t give a damn. So I pulled this baby back up and it stood by me in my time of need. On a really really stressed, unwashed hair, like 2 or 3 days old, it made it look decent. Decent! That meant the world! Decent is the new fabulous. 

So this is an option for emergency issues. For injury scenarios and no mobility scenarios and for the “stuck in a cabin in the woods with no water” scenario. Just sayin’. I’m still curious about Batiste and Dove, but I’m not rushing to get any of those. Dry shampoo is for real tough war zones. And I don’t need any of those right now. 

IMG_9345 IMG_9346

Anticearcan/corector Alverde  – Cred ca in afara de L’oreal Lumi Magique toate corectoarele lichide m-au dezamagit pana acum. Am pe drum unul de la Revlon, sper sa nu fie cazul si acolo.

Culoarea nu e rea, merge cu tenul meu, ca anticearcan nu face nimic, doar se intinde intr-un mod dubios. Aplicat pe alte imperfectiuni are puterea de acoperire a unei pudre, adica mai deloc. L-am lasat initial pentru zile in care nu trebuie corectat nimic, dar mi-e lehamite de el deja. Nu face nimic. Ca miros nu simt sa fie foarte puternic, ca si consistenta e intre lichid si cremos, se intinde foarte bine, dar cred ca asta si e problema, Se intinde prea bine, patineaza pe piele si nu acopera nimic. Never again, Alverde, never again.

Alverde Concealer – I have really bad luck with liquid concealers. Avon, this one, others. L’oreal Lumi Magique is the only one that stole my heart. And I have a Revlon on t he way that I hope does that too. But this one…

It’s not a bad colour, it fits, it’s creamy and not too liquidy, it’s like an ice cream you forgot for 10 minutes in the sun. Under the eyes it does nothing. On spots it looks just like a powder, it has a powder coverage too. I kept it on stock for really good skin days, but I can’t be bothered anymore. It does not smell in any particular way, it blends well. I mean, it should, seeing as it has no coverage. It glides on the skin easily, and that’s the problem, It glides on and right off in a second. And poooof! Nothing left. 

IMG_9347 IMG_9348



Si spre final, o iubire vesnica: Gelul de curatare Avene Cleanance – de ce iubire vesnica? Pentru ca acum 3,4 ani tenul meu nu arata nici pe departe atat de bine ca acum. Nu aveam o droaie de cosuri, dar apareau prea des pentru gustul meu. Ici colo pe frunte si pe barbie. Am incercat de toate, tratamente dermatologice, argila, sapun de bebe (pentru ca-l recomanda toti doctorii), sapun cu sulf, toate mizeriile. Gelul asta le-a ras si uscat pe toate in cateva saptamani. Acum nu-l mai folosesc zilnic pentru ca nu mai am nevoie, posibil sa fi contribuit si alti factori care au disparut si ei intre timp. Dar cand apare cate un monstru, sau imi simt tenul incarcat, gras, greoi, revin la el cu coada intre picioare. Are un miros foarte discret, proaspat, face spuma, e nevoie de o cantitate mica pentru o folosire, si sticla de 250 tine o vesnicie. Recomand.

And the last item, my everlasting love for my precious and adored Avene Cleanance Cleanser Gel – three or four years ago I did not have the lovely skin I have now. You’ll have to trust me on that. I did not have severe acne, but a couple of spots on the chin and the forehead. And I hated them with a passion. I tried every dermatological treatment I was recommended, baby soap, clay, all the crap. But none worked. This little baby killed them all. A few weeks after I started using it I already saw improvement. I don’t use it on a daily basis now because my skin is hell of a lot better, probably because other factors that were bad also dissapeared from my life. But when the odd spot occurs, I come begging right back. It has a really vague fresh smell, it lathers really nice, small quantity needed, and this bottle will last you a couple of months. It’s my one true love. 


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