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Elmiplant – lotiune micelara– a trebuit s-o am si pe asta, sper ca nu mai apar multe pe piata, in stilul asta o sa am provizii pentru 5 ani

Elmiplant micellar lotion – everyone makes micellar lotion nowadays and I’m such a sucker that I buy each and every one. Adding this to the big pile of micellar lotions. 

Buretei demachianti – i-am luat pentru ca uneori imi place sa folosesc un buretel cand folosesc cleanser si cel de la The Body Shop e foarte bun ,exfoliaza bland, dar se murdareste si se scamoseste foarte repede.

Exfoliant sponges – I like to use a sponge every now and then when removing my make-up with a cleanser and I have a Body Shop one which is really really ok, but doesn’t look like a very sturdy one. I don’t expect it to last a long time so I’m constantly looking for alternatives.

Ulei de arbore de ceai – cel de la The Body Shop l-am dat lui boyfriend 😛 era foarte bun, dar mi-a facut cu ochiul si acesta de la DM, gramaj mult mai mare plus e doar 11 lei. Si functioneaza la fel de bine. Pe spate am citit ca poate fi folosit si in sampon, pentru un par sanatos, sau cateva picaturi in lotiunea tonica pentru pielea grasa.

Tea Tree oil – I’ve only praises for the Body Shop version, but it was recently snatched by boyfriend and I didn’t feel the need to buy another one. But I have found this little bottle in DM, it’s a lot more quantity than The Body Shop offers, and a lot cheaper. Instructions say you can use it for a shiny, healthy hair as well, or mix it with your toner. 

Dontodent pasta de dinti Vanilla Mint – stiu ca nu toata lumea e kosher cu anumite chestii care apar in hauluri, sau in empties, gen paste de dinti, ape de gure, feet products. Dar daca tot vorbim de beauty stuff, si astea fac parte din categorie. Ma rog, despre pasta de dinti Vanilla Mint va spun doar ca e o senzatie foarte ciudata, e ca si cum te-ai spala pe dinti cu o briosa cu vanilie, cu umplutura de menta. Eu am abandonat-o rapid , senzatii prea contradictorii pentru mine, dar a pus mama mana pe ea. 🙂

Dontodent toothpaste Vanilla Mint – I know some people frown on seeing dental care products reviews or feet items, but I mean common, teeth and feet, what would we do without them? For that reason alone, I put this here. It’s a toothpaste that offer the opportunity of daydreaming that you’re washing those teeth with delicious vanilla muffins with mint stuffing. It can be quite a weird sensation and I felt it was influencing my appetite too much, but hey, vanilla lovers out there, go ahead. Mine was stolen by mum. 

IMG_9621 IMG_9588

Nivea Pure Effect All in 1 – cleanser, scrub, masca – Am luat-o inainte sa vad ca a aparut un produs simialr de la Elmiplant, and boy do I love Elmiplant. Imi plac produsele trei in unu, desi e mai mult 2 in 1. CA scrubul e cam la fel cu cleanserul, ca actiune. Dar imi plac produsele Nivea pentru fata, sunt necomplicate si bune pentru aproape orice ten fara probleme majore.

 Nivea Pure Effect All in 1 – cleanser, scrub, mask – I got this before noticing there’s an Elmiplant version. But I like this, I’ve had it before, I like Nivea products, I think they’re a pretty good value for someone who does not have major issues with their skin. 3 in 1 is a bit far fetched though, cleanser and scrub is the same thing basically, you rub some product on your skin and it exfoliates. 

IMG_9578 IMG_9566

Buretel pentru masaj facial de la Ebelin – L-am luat cica pentru circulatie si exfoliere:)) Am incercat sa pun cleanser pe el, sa-l folosesc cand dau jos o masca, dar am impresia ca e degeaba. Poate nu-l folosesc eu bine, dar ma indoiesc. Daca il folosesc fara nici un produs pe pielea uscata parca ar face ceva, dar atunci unde e hazul?

Facial massage thingymabob from Ebelin – again, exfolaiting and massage when you’re cleansing your face. It does absolutely nothing for me. It glides on the skin, and I don’t feel it at all. It’s like rubbing a soap on my face. Same feeling. But, if it is dry, and i just rub my dry (again, dry) face with it, yes, you can sense a bit of massaaaage there. Tiny bit. Useless. 

Balea deodorant cu  zmeura si citrice – Are un miros dulceag, dar nu exagerat incat sa mirosi a cofetarie. Deodorantele Balea sunt ok, nu le-as recomanda pentru zile chiar secetoase totusi, sau stresante, nu fac fata chiar 10/10.

Raspberry citrus Balea deodorant  – it has a sweet smell, refreshing, not the gagging sweet though. They’re ok for chill days, resistance is not 10/10, would not go with these on a hot summer day.

Periuta de dinti Signal pentru albire – mi se parea interesanta idea, si am o obsesie cu produsele pentru dinti. PArtea din mijloc e facuta dintr-un silicon special care ar trebui sa-ti indeparteze petele de pe dinti.

Whitening toothbrush Signal – another dreaded dental product uuuuu, the horror!!!! I just thought this was interesting, it has some special silicone part in the middle that’s supposed to remove stains. 

Crema de maini cu papaya si buttermilk – Am zis ca nu ma mai risc cu creme de maini Balea, am deja 2 mari cu pompita pe care nu le termin nicicum. Dar aceasta miroase delicios, fructat, intra repede in piele si hidrateaza foarte bine.

Papaya and Buttermilk hand cream – I hate Balea hand lotions, the ones that come in huge tubes that you’ll never finish and your grandchildren are probably still gonna use 40 years from now. But I was at the hand cream section and this girl kept like sniffing this and I was intrigued. And yes, boy did it smell good. And it sinks in. And it’s a smaller tube so I will finish it till I’m 90 so how cool is that? 

IMG_9568 IMG_9487

Gel de dus Sunny Peach – Piersici…serbet…dumnezeule cum miroase chestia asta…mai zic?

Sunny Peach Shower sorbet Peaches. And sunny. And sorbet. And the smell. Must I say more? 

Perie de limba – E ultimul produs pentru cavitatea bucala, promit. E important sa ai grija de tot, nu doar de dinti. Si limba de ce-ar suferi. Curata ea ceva, dar problema e ca am un reflex foarte neplacut…daca intelegeti ce zic..cand o folosesc.

Tongue Scraper – Ok ok ok last one. It’s nice to have a fresh clean tongue. There. Seriously, it is not embarrassing to talk about these things, it’s natural. So a tongue brush is in order. Which is cool. And it works, it scrapes stuff off. But by god it gives you such a thrill. Those 30 second in which you just continuously gag are a roller coaster. Not for the faint of heart. Or stomach.

Balea capsule concentrat pentru zona ochilor – N-am mai folosit capsule de genul asta, nici pentru fata, nici pentru ochi. Tocmai de aceea m-au atras tot timpul. Poate o sa fie un fail, dar vedem.

Concentrated eye nipples- or capsules – I’ve never used capsules before, these were cheap, I am still looking for dark circles solutions, so why not? 


Urmatorul articol va fi despre samponul uscat de la Balea care mi-a fost de mare ajutor in invaliditate 🙂

The next post will be about the Balea dry shampoo which has been a trusty companion in my difficult days of broken legness. 


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