Spring is here…hypothetically


E aici si nu e aici, primavara, foarte capricioasa, o zi soare , o zi ba…Am zis sa scot de la depozit si sa postez hauls-urile pe care tot le-am pozat si m-am luat cu altele, mai ales ca au un aer primavaratec.

This spring deal is very fickle and bipolar and annoying me, but I decided to finally post some hauls, god knows I just keep piling them up and forget up them, but it’s spring and they’re sorta springy so…

Eu am o obsesie mare, da maare cu The body Shop, as cumpara tot stocul lor de body butters, parfumuri cu mosc si florale, make-up si de fapt tot ce o mai lungesc…

M-am limitat la unturi de corp primavaratece, toate dulci, dulci, la miros, dar delicioaaaase….Passion fruit, Strawberry si Blueberry, nu pot sa descriu cat de miam miros chestiile astea, trebuie sa le sniffuiti singuri.

I have this huuuuge, but really, just huuuuge obsession with The Body Shop. I’d buy everything there, I swear…But I calmed the hyperventilation and only got three body butters: Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Blueberry, all just fudging delicious, i swear….

Ceva lantisor auriu de la H&M, imi placea nodul ala de post de pandantiv, multe elastice de par colorate, tot H&M, degeaba le-am luat pentru ca m-am tuns imediat dupa.

Some golden knot thiingie necklace from H&M, I was excited about it before, not so anymore…and lots of hair bobbles, which was a mistake because I then proceeded to cut my hair and they’re useless for at least another year or so, because I have to repeat cutting it so I can get my natural color back eventually. 

Apa micelara de la Garnier – inca nu am ajuns s-o folosesc pentru ca o am pe cea de la Byphasse acum care e foarte buna si e si mare. Asta nu inseamna ca nu am mai cumparat vreo 3 ape micelare. Next episode !

Micellar water form Garnier – bought it, bought others, micellar mania is piling up, but I just stubbornly use Byphasse now because it’s really good and in huge packaging…

Creion de sprancene de la Essence – foarte bun pana a trebuit sa-l ascut, ori am eu o problema cu ascutitorile, ori toate creioanele sunt a dracu.

Eyebrow pencil Essence – really good little bugger till I had to sharpen it, and this is the 4th time this is happening, either all pencils suck or my sharpening utensil whatever sucks. 


IMG_9464 IMG_9526

si am primit o mostra de ulei de cocos pentru par, thank you TBS, dar am am deja ulei de cocos la frigi pentru folosinte multiple.

Maine va arat creioane de buze de la Miss Sporty care sunt foarte frumoase, dar au un sistem de sigilare care a fost inventat in iad si m-am chinuit 15 minute sa le desfac.


Aaaand a coconuit hair oil sample from TBS. Thanks guys but I already have the real deal sitting in my fridge. 

Tomorrow I think I’ll show you the new Miss Sporty lip pencils which where the death of me because of their stupid packaging system, and one of them is kinda f…ed now, and I’m slightly vexed about that. 



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