Avon Clearskin Liquid Extraction Strip – does it do anything?

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Avon Liquid schmoo schmaa– are un nume lung si l-ati vazut deja in titlu. E un gel pentru extragerea punctelor negre. La fel de bine puteau sa-i spuna gel-ceara pentru epilare, sau gel-banda adeziva foarte puternica.

E un gel care functioneaza la fel ca orice alta masca peel-off. Eu l-am pus in strat foarte subtire pe nas si pe frunte ca sa vad daca chair face ceva. In 10,15 minute e uscat si esti gata de extractie. Doare ca naiba, cam ca si benzile depilatoare, poate chiar mai mult, pentru ca nu poti sa-l tragi repede, intr-o miscare. Si, dupa cum veti vedea mai jos in poze, chiar face ceva, iti curata porii pana la maduva, aia face. Vizibil pe piele, dupa ce se duce roseata, nu am observat o imbunatatire, dar e clar ca scoate el ceva de acolo.

Acum, urmeaza imagini socante, daca sunteti slabi de inger sau de stomac, dati pe alt post.

Avon Liquid smt smt strip, is a blackhead extraction gel, peel-off. They could, just as well, call it a waxing gel, or a tape gel, or a don’t go near your brows gel. 

Basically you apply a tiny bit on troubled areas and wait for it to dry, 10, 15 minutes. And then prepare for Le pain, because it’s slightly worse than waxing strips, because you can’t pull this little mother… in one go. And, as will be duly noted in the following pictures, apparently I’m a nonbeliever that’s been proven wrong. It suck the hell off your pores, that’s what it does. After the redness fades, I can’t say I noticed any improvement, but the proof is there, it took part of my DNA with it, and that’s enough for me. 

Beware, shocking images will follow, hide yo kids, hide yo mama, and switch to another blog post if you’re someone who easily gags. 



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