Sleek wonderfulness

IMG_9639 Make-up a avut reduceri de 30% saptmana trecuta si muahahahaha, new Sleek palettes for meeeee! M-au tentat multe alte produse de pe site, dar trebuie sa fim ponderati.

Am luat doua palete pentru ochi, Garden of Eden si Oh so Special, si o paleta de blushuri, Californi I.A, blushuri crema, foarte sheer, care se pot combina si layerui.

La farduri de ochi mi-a fost asa o lene sa fac swatchuri, mai ales ca exista mii pe internet, asa ca las linkuri pentru fiecare.




IMG_9652 I is the rogue of sales in makeup, I sneak and sneak, and jump when I see the prey. 30% on Make-up, a Romanian online shop with lots of goodies. I got only Sleek stuff: 2 eye shadow palettes and a blush one. The temptation was oh, so huge, but begone, begone, evil thoughts!

I got Garden of Eden (since I’m talking of temptation) and Oh so Special, and the blush palette is a more recent release, the Californ I.A., creamy blushes that are really sheer and are buildable. 

I iz lazy and I didn’t do swatches for the eye shadows because there are enough to pick from, on the internets. I put links next to them, if you didn’t see them already.








Garden of Eden swatches – here 

Oh so Special swatches – here 


IMG_9642 IMG_9641







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