My beloved Bioderma is empty :(((( (disclaimer: not That Bioderma you’re thinking of)



Dupa un an de munci grele, si-a dat obstescul sfarsit Bioderma Micelara, poreclita si ABC Derm H2O ( stiu, porecla cam ciudata, dar asa ii placea ei sa fie strigata, ce sa-i faci), intr-o zi de primavara. A oftat si s-a stins.

Pe langa faptul ca a fost prima lotiune micelara pe care am folosit-o, a ramas si acum, dupa ce am mai folosit si altele, una din primele iubiri. E o lotiune usoara, nelipicioasa, eu o foloseam si ca demachiant, si dupa o a doua curatare, din nou ca si lotine tonica. Lasa o senzatie de prospetime, nu se simtea deloc pe piele, nici nu usca tenul deloc.

Ca si demachiant, caci asta ne intereseaza cel mai mult, mie imi pria, facea o treaba buna, nu mai ramanea pic de machiaj,dar, trebuie sa precizez ca asta e pentru machiaj non-waterproof. Waterproof nu detin nimic, poate un liner, dar si pe ala l-a masacrat repede. Oricum, nu ma risc cu pareri pentru ca nu folosesc produse waterproof, ultra-rezistente sau in genul asta.

Alt avantaj, evident, e gramajul. Un litru mi-a ajuns aproape un an, asta la 3 dischete demachiante, uneori si 4 folosite pe zi, imbibate in apa micelara. Alt avantaj e pompita, care dozeaza eficient, dar, daca nu esti atent sa pui discheta chair sub pompa, cam dezordonat, mie imi mai splashuia cate o doza si pe haine, sau pe oglinda, sau pe pereti, era o poznasa Bioderma Micelara asta. Bioderma Roz, cea mult hype-uita si laudata nu am incercat-o inca, pe mine m-a convins si asta care e pentru babies butts. Poate pe viitor, acum am alte 5 pe rol, care asteapta sa splashuie si ele pereti.

Va las si ingredientele mai jos, mie nu-mi spun nimic in mod special, dar sunt sigura ca exista si doctoranzi in chimie pe aici. Eu zic sa o incercati, daca aveti un stil de machiaj mai lejer, si nu folositi waterproof regulat. La pret e cat o bioderma roz, in jur de 50 de lei, doar ca la un litru care o sa va ajunga muuuullt muuult timp. Inca o chestie, stiu ca scrie parfum la ingrediente, dar eu nu am simtit nimic.

My beloved Bioderma is dead. It was my faithful friend for almost a year, and now she’s left me. Who will splash my walls, get micellar lotion in my eyes (it doesn’t hurt though) and be there for me every evening when I get home? 

So it’s not That Bioderma, the classic pink one, that I know everyone loves and dies for. Mine is the one made for babies butts, but oh, who would not want her face being as soft as a baby’s butt? I wonder…. I have the ABC Derm H2O one, the one that comes in a huge, one liter package. It’s light, non-sticky, takes off makeup easily. I used to take my eye makeup first, then cleanse with a gel or something, then use it as a toner. It left my skin soft and it doesn’t dry out the skin. I do not guarantee it for waterproof makeup though, I’ve been told it is not so effective. But if you don’t use waterproof, it will take down anything. 

The fact that it comes in a huge package has its advantages. It lasted me almost a year, while using 3 or even 4 cotton pads a day, dabbed in this. Another plus is the little pump, which makes it easy to apply only the desired amount. One, maybe two pumps per cotton pad is more than enough. The pump does have an attitude, and mine splashed on my clothes, my walls, if I wasn’t careful. 

I enclosed a pic with the ingredients, if there any chemistry graduates around here, to my it’s Chinese for rinse baby’s butt well. The price is also quite appealing, a liter of this costing as much as a normal pink bioderma. Also it says fragrance on the ingredients list but I have honestly felt nothing of the sorts. So I’ll say my last words to my baby blue bottle, because I have 5 new micellar lotions to try out next, and it might be a while till we meet again. So long, old friend.



IMG_9629 IMG_9630

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