My favourite youtubers

There’s not a top order here as to who i loooove the most, I love these ladies and their channel equally. Also i did not bother writing this in Romanian too, i’m gonna go ahead and suppose you know the English, otherwise none of these videos will appeal to you anyway.

Essie Button

essie I’ve watched all her videos and there are a lot of videos too. She’s a Canadian turned London girl, she’s cute and funny and rants a lot, which is what i like in a video, hearing not just about the products, but about the mean postman as well. She also has a vlog channel, where Reggie (cutest greyhound) makes often appearances.


zoella Zoella is like the beauty guru with the most subscribers I’ve seen, i don’t know what she’s got now, like 3 million? Around there. Anyway, love her personality, her cute jumpers, her room decor advice and random babbling. Must watch.



Chelsea, goddammit, has just opened an online shop which is very cool, but that means she posts videos rarely now. Still, I’ve watched all her videos, she is an absolutely insanely funny american nanny, who also raised awareness for me on skin cancer, because she had it and battled it. Go go, Chelsea!

Thrift trick 


Cassie is also someone I watch for funny ramblings. What I like about her is the fact that she gives a lot of details about the products, she’s honest and you’ll never suspect her of being sponsored to praise products, and she has the sassiest cat ever, Galileo.


I watch many many other youtubers, but these are the ones I wait for impatiently, and watched aaaaaall of their videos, that’s how much of an obsessed creature I am. Toodles!

What are your favourite youtubers?

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