IMG_9413 Am cam uitat de blog in ultima perioada, crazy crazy times, acum incep sa postez din urma articole pe care le aveam deja pregatite. Asta e…

I’ve been a little absent on the blog lately, things were busy busy busy, and I’ve got a ton of posts ready and written that just have to go on the blog, I’ll probably put one a day just to get to the present date…anyway, short random haul…





Mebra – crema cu vitamina A  – am luat-o pentru ca am citit undeva ca ajuta pielea cu probleme. S-a dus deja la boyfriend, daca reusesc sa scot de la el un mini review sau macar o parere, desi stiu ca nu o foloseste constant, o sa revin cu pareri.

Mebra – vitamin A moisturizer– or more like ointment, supposedly calms down breakouts, I didn’t get to try it because it ended up in boyfriend’s hands, but if he can come up with a clear opinion of any sorts I shall talk about it again.

Avon Luxe ruj – Silky apricot – o nuanta foarte frumoasa, e cremos, se simte bine pe buze, nu e cel mai rezistent mai ales pentru o persoana ca mine, care isi musca buzele cosntant, dar imi place.

Avon Luxe lipstick – Silky apricot – a really pretty orangey coraly shade, sheer,  hydrating, it feels comfy, doesn’t last a hole lot, but that’s because I bite my lips a lot. 

IMG_9416   IMG_9417

Avon mostra ruj – Ultra Colour Absolute – Fresh fig – o nuanta din nou foarte frumosa, un roz afumat, care sta foarte bine pe buze, decent si elegant, parca le face mai voluminoase.

Avon sample – Ultra Colour Absolute lipstick in Fresh fig – another pretty pretty pinky, smoked, shade, decent, not flashy, elegant, hydrating, and I swear it sort of makes my lips looks more plump. 

IMG_9419  IMG_9420

Anew Ultimate 7S – serum cu particule stralucitoare – pentru lifting, nu l-am folosit inca, pe beautypedia ]i dadeau o nota decenta, pentru ca nu are nimic daunator in el si desi nu e cel mai brevetat ser al anului, netezeste si lumineaza pielea.

Anew Ultimate 7S – a serum with some shiny opalescent particles inside, I haven’t used it yet but I bought it after reading on beautypedia that it’s a decent serum, smooths the skin and illuminates it, even though it is not thus year’s discovery in skin lifting, as Avon would have you believe. 

Avon Supershock – Raw plum si Savage – imi plac foarte mult, sunt cremoase si rezistente, uneori poate prea cremoase, cel turcoaz s-a rupt la prima aplicare, cred ca am apasat eu prea mult.

Avon Supershock liners – Raw plum and Savage – I like these a lot, they’re creamy and resistant, sometimes they might be too creamy though, be careful. I broke the tip of the savage one by pressing too hard the other day. 


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