Love at first line – Bourjois Waterproof eye contour


Sau pe numele lui complet, Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof. L-am luat intr-o zi in care ma tot invarteam pe langa creioanele Scandaleyes de la Rimmel si nu ma decideam la nici o culoare, ca pret erau oarecum apropiate, in jur de 20 lei, depinde cum le gasiti, la oferta sau nu, dar mi-a placut foarte mult movul acesta, cu irizatii putin albastrui, verzui, nu stiu cum sa le zic, oricum superbe, in lumina soarelui.

Full name being Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof. Well, I don’t go clubbing, but his baby sure is pretty. I was looking for some Rimmel Scandaleyes and couldn’t pick a colour, and then I saw this pretty thing, about the same price. I went for the iridescent purple instantly. 

E un creion ce poate fi folosit pe post de eyeliner, pe pleoapa superioara, sau inferioara, dar mie imi place cel mai mult sa trag o dara foarte inestetica in crease sau pe pleoapa si sa o intind cu degetul, si daca vreau mai multa culoare sa mai insist pana obtin rezultatul dorit. E moale, rezistent, si chiar are niste irizatii superbe, nu stiu daca le-am capturat la intreaga lor valoare in poze, dar am incercat. Oricum, macar swatchuiti-l daca il vedeti in magazine. Nuanta e 47 purple night.

So you can use it as a liner, under the eyes, above the lash line, or, as I sometimes like to, just draw a line in the crease or just on the eyelid, and smudge it until it is lightly purplish, but because, of the little glimmery particles, it will look gorgeous, like I dunno, three irish little elves decided to have a party on your lid. I think I might be delirious, that’s the most far-fetched comparison I ever made. But it makes sense in my head. So just try it, swatch it, see if it makes you just as high as it apparently did me. The shade, btw, is 47 purple night. 

IMG_9373  IMG_9374  IMG_9376


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