Small Lush Haul


De la Lush cu reducere am pus mana pe sapunul Sultana of Soap, sapunul meu preferat de la Lush, cu piersici, ulei de bergamota si stafide. E un sapun cu miros oriental, stafidele se vad prin el, face o spuma alba, latpasa, care te face sa te simti ca si Cleopatra si I love it. Punct.

My all time favourite soap from Lush, Sultana of Soap, with peaches, bergamot oil and raisins. You can actually see the raisins in it, I always liked that, and the smell…oooo…just imagine milky, creamy smell, but spicy, oriental, fruity in the same time. It is le love. 

Al doilea produs e uleiul solid Snow Fairy Sparkle, despre care a vorbit toata lumea. Al meu a ajuns la destinatie putin cam ciufulit, dar e in ordine. Cu unturi de murumuru, shea si cupuacu, promite sa-ti lase pielea fiiina fiina! Eu stiu doar ca miroase a bubble gum combinat cu putin de spice, poate un pic de menta, nu-mi dau seama. Oricum e roz, e cute, miroase bine…Sold!

The second ( and sadly, last) product is the Snow Fairy Sparkle body butter, which has been raved about this Christmas, and it’s the first butter I try from them. It melts to the touch, smells of bubble gum with a bit of spice, mint maybe, anyways…it’s pink, it’s cute, it’s smellicious…I like it.

IMG_9426        IMG_9427

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