Love at first line – Bourjois Waterproof eye contour


Sau pe numele lui complet, Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof. L-am luat intr-o zi in care ma tot invarteam pe langa creioanele Scandaleyes de la Rimmel si nu ma decideam la nici o culoare, ca pret erau oarecum apropiate, in jur de 20 lei, depinde cum le gasiti, la oferta sau nu, dar mi-a placut foarte mult movul acesta, cu irizatii putin albastrui, verzui, nu stiu cum sa le zic, oricum superbe, in lumina soarelui.

Full name being Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof. Well, I don’t go clubbing, but his baby sure is pretty. I was looking for some Rimmel Scandaleyes and couldn’t pick a colour, and then I saw this pretty thing, about the same price. I went for the iridescent purple instantly. 

E un creion ce poate fi folosit pe post de eyeliner, pe pleoapa superioara, sau inferioara, dar mie imi place cel mai mult sa trag o dara foarte inestetica in crease sau pe pleoapa si sa o intind cu degetul, si daca vreau mai multa culoare sa mai insist pana obtin rezultatul dorit. E moale, rezistent, si chiar are niste irizatii superbe, nu stiu daca le-am capturat la intreaga lor valoare in poze, dar am incercat. Oricum, macar swatchuiti-l daca il vedeti in magazine. Nuanta e 47 purple night.

So you can use it as a liner, under the eyes, above the lash line, or, as I sometimes like to, just draw a line in the crease or just on the eyelid, and smudge it until it is lightly purplish, but because, of the little glimmery particles, it will look gorgeous, like I dunno, three irish little elves decided to have a party on your lid. I think I might be delirious, that’s the most far-fetched comparison I ever made. But it makes sense in my head. So just try it, swatch it, see if it makes you just as high as it apparently did me. The shade, btw, is 47 purple night. 

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A haul for a winter that never came / Haul de iarna care nu a mai venit

IMG_9441 Pentru ca urma ( credeam eu) un ianuarie geros si un februarie si mai geros, am vrut sa imi pun gherutele pe niste creme/balsamuri de fata ceva mai serioasa, care sa faca fata. Mi-am dorit muuuult balsamurile de ten de la Sanflora si balsamurile lor de buze, dar ma tot uitam pe site de ceva vreme si erau pe stoc termiant toate. Asa ca am zis sa incerc Cold Cream de la La Roche Posay, o crema foarte foarte grasa pentru ten uscat si sensibil, fara conservanti, parfum si emulsifianti. E ca un unguent, e gras, uleios, si imi imaginam eu ca va da bine pe -15 grade, in toiul furtunii de zapada. Dar nu am am mai apucat s-o folosesc, pentru ca ghioceii au aparut deja a doua oara iarna asta. S-ar putea totusi s-o pun in actiune noaptea, in caz ca e pielea foarte uscata, sau in cazuri etreme, cum am facut acum cateva zile cand m-a prins raceala si ma simteam foarte uscata si deshitratata, extern si intern. O recomand pentru cei cu piele foarte foarte uscata care nu simt nevoia sa-si bata capul cu fel de fel de creme. La 100 ml o sa si ajunga timp indelungat.

I was under the (false) impression that this was gonna be a very hard winter, the sort where you stock up with Spam and Marmite because the front door is blocked from all the ungodly mountains of snow that keep falling. Well, I was terribly wrong. It’s now the middle of February and for the past week birds are chirping and I think it snowed just once this winter. Bummer. But, dreamy as I was, I ordered somewhere around January some products for really dry, sore, winter skin that I was supposed to get. I got the La Roche Posay Cold Cream Naturel, basically a really expensive ointment, emulsifiers, conservants and perfume free ointment, which is really heavy, greasy and made specially for the winter I was dreaming of. And well, oh, for sensitive and dry skin. It’s actually nice, it’s a 100 ml good for all cream that will last you a lifetime of winters if all are like mine, and will really soothe the skin. I never got to use it on snow time, but it was handy when I got flu a couple of days ago and I felt really dry, sore, inside and out, and dehydrated. 

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Going natural :P

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Am decis sa fac o cura de produse naturale si am comandat de pe Breslo, de la Lavandine, un serum de noapte antirid si o crema de zi antirid, ambele cu muuulte uleiuri si ingrediente naturale. De la Lavandine mai comandasem si inainte alte produse, si am ramas placut impresionata si nici de data aceasta nu cred ca ma va dezamagi.

I’ve decided to have a try with some all natural ingredients skin products, bought from Breslo, a romanian online shop community for handmade items, and I got a night time serum and a day moisturizer. They both have argan oil, and the serum has rosa mosqueta oil, almond oil, squalane, borago oil, pure Vitamin E, all cold pressed and organic. The moisturizer has shea, oenothera, avocado oil, geranium oil, Vitamin E, ylang-ylang and kewra. They both smell delicious and applying is heaven. They’re antiwrinkle, they fight against breakouts and rejuvenate the skin. The moisturizer I especially love because it’s one of the best make-up base I’ve used recently. It’s solid in the jar so I have to work it out and heat it with my fingers to apply, but it really sinks in, smells gorgeous for a couple of hours and gives a sort of inner healthy glow to your skin. I’ve only tried them a couple of times so far but I’ll keep you posted, the first impressions are really good, though. 

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